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How do I know what course is right for me?

Each course description explains the purpose and who it is ideally designed for. It may be that a user is seeking to gain a qualification specific to the next step in their career or to simply improve their practice. If further information is required a member of our Qualifications and Training team is always happy to support.

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What is the best way to complete a course?

The system allows anyone undertaking development to complete it at a time and place which suits them. This may be at their place of work or via their mobile wherever they are. All the course features and materials are instantly accessible anywhere, the ideal time and place to complete training is entirely up to the user.

How much do the courses cost?

To see our latest course price list please click here. Courses can be purchased individually or as part of packages either as an individual or organisation.

What’s the best way to record my teaching for observations?

The Video recording Guidance document outlines how to prepare properly for the best results prior to an observation

How do I edit my answers?

To edit a response this can be achieved in two ways:

1. All answers can be edited when viewing a course video in ‘assessment mode’ by clicking on the orange video event (or dot) along the timeline.

2. Alternatively, enter the workbook by clicking the ‘Workbook’ icon for the course unit you wish to review. Once you have identified the question you wish to change, simply click the ‘Edit’ icon next to the question.

How many courses do you have?

We have created close to 100 different courses in multiple different languages.

How many videos do you have?

Currently we have over 1,000 course videos hosted on our platform.

How do I find something specific?

To locate a video for a specific topic simply click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page, type what you’re looking for and press enter. A list matching your response will then appear.

If you are still unable to locate what you are searching for, feel free to contact a member of our team.


What is it?

It is an online platform which enables schools to develop the careers of all their staff in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Who is it for?

Anyone working within education who wishes to improve the student experience with better teaching practice.

Whether someone is new to teaching, looking to learn about new roles or is seeking to develop their staff, our platform is designed to support the development of all staff within an education setting.

Why is the platform so unique?

The platform flips the current education model on its head. We are able to offer training material for all staff; including teaching assistants, teachers, middle, senior leaders as well as Governors. Schools/trusts have the ability to control all their training in one centralised platform. Further to this staff can access accredited teacher training and if required complete accredited qualifications without fixed enrollments in traditional colleges or universities.

How can it save schools money?

The platform allows all staff access to standardised CPD training on any device. With reducing budgets for training seen in schools/trusts not all staff are able to attend training. Our platform solves this problem and provides 24/7 access to the world’s best career resources for all levels of staff.

Can I trust the quality of your content?

All content is written by notable experts within their field who are either still working as senior leaders within schools or consult and work across a number of schools supporting within their chosen specialism. All courses are reviewed multiple times prior to launch and are checked at set points to ensure all information provided is current.

Who made the platform?

The platform was created by Leon Hady, a former Headteacher of a school which achieved the UK government’s ‘Outstanding’ mark twice. Leon has ensured that all staff directly involved in course content and design are experienced educators who held senior positions within schools.

Can you create specific content for different countries?

We always ensures that the content it creates is designed to support the needs of its users wherever they are. We have our own production house which is able to produce bespoke content based on specific requests within an effective period of time.

How do I access the materials?

Access to course materials is via mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet devices at any time, in any location.

How can I, as an educator, use the platform to support the development of my staff or students?

The platform allows for mentors, tutors and instructors to remotely develop their users. In addition to commenting on uploaded responses and documents, a course leader can upload ‘real-time’ feedback (also known as asynchronous coaching) within an uploaded video which allows for developmental comments to be included at the exact moments required. This can then be reviewed by the user and reflected upon with a course leader


Can I qualify to teach without a degree?

Yes. Undertaking the AET, DET and QTLS courses (please note the QTLS is only for teachers following the UK curriculum in KS4/KS5 elements of schools) paraty with QTS can be achieved as QTLS.

I currently work in a school as a T.A. and want to qualify as a teacher; how do I do this?

In order to become a teacher you are required to have teaching experience. If you hold a degree, you can undertake our two year teacher training programme which takes staff from TA through to qualified teacher. For more information about the course structure, contact a member of the support team.

What is the role of a course mentor?

When undertaking any accredited course users are assigned a mentor. Mentors are highly experienced educators who work alongside the candidate, the candidate’s senior leadership team and the awarding body to ensure that the candidate completes the course on time and to the highest possible standard whilst alleviating senior leaders of much of the duties traditionally associated with mentoring.

Who provides the courses?

Whilst we have created the course content and the structure of courses undertaken, all accredited courses follow UK government legislation and strict guidelines. We also collaborate with universities in the UK, dependant on the course you wish to become a teacher int to ensure candidates have access to the best training possible wherever they may be.

How will I be updated on my progress?

Anyone undertaking a course which is accompanied by a mentor will receive feedback in a variety of ways across the platform. This includes written feedback on the workbook. Video feedback and even audio feedback.
If reviewing lesson observation uploads, mentors are able to upload ‘real-time’ comments along the video to help pin-point areas of strength and development.

For courses that require a second placement, who arranges this?

Typically, a school will have links to neighbouring establishments which will be happy to support. If a placement becomes difficult to arrange, we will seek to support this as best they can.

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